The Womxn of Color in Education Committee is proud to announce our very first endorsements for school board candidates in the 2019 election. These five candidates represent our vision for shifting power to people of color in the work to improve educational systems to ensure all kids succeed in school and life, with a fierce commitment to equity and closing gaps! We thank them for their courage to step up for our children and communities and welcome them to the WoCE family. 

Congratulations, candidates!

We are a group of Womxn of Color committed to working collectively to network, recruit, train, and support Womxn of Color in decision-making roles in education. 

Why is WoCE focused on school boards as our first priority?

All children have the right to an education that cultivates their intellectual development, while ensuring they are engaged, motivated and inspired. In our local schools, children furthest from opportunity have access to inferior educational opportunities. School board members have the opportunity to rebalance power toward communities of color, advocate, create policies, make decisions and ensure resources are allocated through a racial equity lens.

We can’t leave to chance the future of our children in the often well-meaning, yet inequitable, decision-making hands of our mostly white-run school boards. Diverse school boards make better schools for all children.